Wednesday, April 24, 2019

I am Done with Facebook

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Once upon a time Facebook was a lot of fun. It was a place where I could catch up with friends, reconnect with family members, and, of course, share blog posts and promote my books. However, nothing good lasts forever. Facebook has turned mean and hostile, and it appears that I'm not the only one who thinks this way. Many of the people I used to engage with regularly on Facebook have also stopped posting. Some have even closed out their accounts. 

I think the reason this is happening is obvious. Everytime you turn around, here's another scandal involving Facebook, and it usually has something to do with breaching people's privacy and sharing their personal information without their knowledge and consent. Then there's the problem with censorship. Facebook used to be all about free speech, but now nearly everyone has landed in "Facebook jail" for such "crimes" as sharing too many blog posts about crocheting or posting about their belief in the Bible. Fact of the matter is if you're a conservative, a Libertarian, a Christian, or simply an American who believes in freedom of speech, as guaranteed by the Constitution, then you are no longer welcome on Facebook. They will censor you, or even go so far as to shut down your account. They even deleted a post I started about a flour sifter. Silly me. I had no idea that talking about baking is now considered hate speech on Facebook.

Then there's Mark Zuckerberg. This man's sense of values run completely contrary to my own. For a time he was someone I had to put up with because I used to advertise my books on Facebook. However, my Facebook ads no longer have the reach they once had due to the reasons listed above, so why should I continue placing ads that fewer and fewer people are seeing and putting my money in this man's pocket?

So, instead of posting on Facebook, I've gone back to posting on my own blogs, and sharing the links on my professional pages. I'm done posting in my personal account, and if one of my Facebook friends really needs to talk to me they can send me a private message. In the meantime, my blogs belong to me and me alone. They're where the First Amendment actually means something and where I can speak my mind without Facebook telling me what I can and cannot say. As a writer, my life is all about freedom of speech.

My thought for the day.


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