Friday, April 19, 2019

Print Books or eBooks?

The Amazon Kindle really changed the way people read. For a time ebooks were all the rage, and my sales reflected it. The vast majority of my books were sold as Kindle editions, although it now appears that I'm selling more print books again.

Ebooks certainly have their advantages. They can be instantly downloaded, and you can store hundreds of books on your smartphone or tablet. Ebooks were also more affordable. It used to be that typical ebook only cost a few dollars, but lately I've noticed that ebook prices have skyrocketed, and I'm simply not going to pay ten dollars, or more, for an ebook. If I have to spend that much money I may as well spend a few dollars more and get the print edition. That way I'll have something more tangible.

Along with rising prices, there are other disadvantages to ebooks. Those who have vision issues may find ebooks too difficult to read, and there's nothing more disappointing than to finally have the time to sit down and read, only to discover that your tablet has a dead battery. Ugh! I have so been there and done that.

I'm now offering a newsletter for my Marina Martindale fans, and in my latest issue I included a poll. Did my readers prefer ebooks, print books, or no preference? The results were surprising. While not a scientific poll, most of my newsletter subscribers preferred print books. No preference came in a close second, but only a few preferred ebooks.

It appears that the ebook fad may have come to and end, although I will continue publishing both Kindle and print versions of my books. And in case you're wondering, I personally prefer print books. They're low tech, so you never have to worry about a dead battery.


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