Thursday, May 2, 2019

Blogger or WordPress?

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It's something you'll have to decide before jumping into the world of blogging.

I've been blogging for so long that I can't remember exactly when I started my first blog. It was sometime around 2003; about the time I published my first book, and I used a host called, Blogspot, which has since become Blogger. I like Blogger for many reasons.

  • Blogger is user friendly! You don't need to know HTML code or have other technical skills to use Blogger.
  • It's easy to build a custom template with Blogger. Even the advanced template design tools are user friendly.
  • The Blogger platform is secure. Your blog is less likely to be hacked.
  • Blogger comes with an easy to use "stats" feature that includes the number of hits, traffic sources, operating systems and so forth.
  • Blogger is free and comes with it's own hosting. 

The downside.
  • Blogger has no technical support. If you're having an issue you have to rely on forums, which may or may not resolve your issue.
  • There are no third party plugins for Blogger, making your selection of "gadgets" to add to your blog somewhat limited.

As much as I like Blogger, all of my friends were saying, "WordPress! WordPress! WordPress!" So I finally gave it a try. WordPress does have indeed have some advantages over Blogger.

  • WordPress has dozens upon dozens of third party themes and plugins, giving you infinite possibilities for designing and customizing your blog.  
  • I was able to get tech support through GoDaddy, my WordPress host, although it was somewhat limited.

The downside
  • While may technically be "free," it requires a hosting service, which isn't free. I used GoDaddy, but there are others out there. 
  • WordPress is definitely NOT for people who are unfamiliar with HTML coding or lack other technical skills. It is NOT user friendly! Those who are not technically skilled will most likely end up extremely frustrated. 
  • Designing my template was both stressful and difficult, and it was very plain jane. I could never figure out how to do more than the most basics of basics, and I was never satisfied with the way the way my blogs looked.
  • WordPress is open code. And while open coding allows third parties to create all those wonderful themes and plugins, it also makes WordPress more susceptible to hacking. One of my WordPress blogs got hacked, which is why I came back to Blogger.

If you have the technical skills, or if your budget allows you to hire a webmaster to do the technical work for you, then yes, I would recommend WordPress. You can create a customized blog with all kinds of bells and whistles. But for those of us who don't speak geek, WordPress is simply too difficult and too frustrating to use. So if you're like me, and Internet codes and technical jargon are all foreign languages that you will never understand, then you can't go wrong with Blogger. 


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